When is a cushion a chair?

A new year, a new stitching challenge

I recently received this beautiful image of a needlepoint chair. It was photographed in City Needlework in San Mateo California and apparently stitched by the owner.

This stunning chair got me thinking about needlepoint chairs and how you might go about putting one together.  I soon realised it would only take relatively minor adjustments to turn a design for a cushion into a cover for a chair.

So how might you adapt a needlepoint cushion kit to a chair?

Most cushions kits wont be large enough to cover the back or seat of a chair, but the beauty of needlepoint canvas is that you can sew additional canvas to needlepoint kit canvas to increase the size and/or change the shape to fit your project without compromising the needlepoint. I promise you wont see the join!

The Forget-me-not cushion

The pattern could be enlarged by either:

  1. Copying and extending the pattern of your cushion
  2. Continue with the background colour to edges of the new bigger canvas.

There’s a chair in there!

If you have a chair that wants some very special attention, why not choose a studio stitches design for the upholstery?

A sketch of the Forget-me-not chair

You choose the colour scheme and with the specification of your project I will adapt the design and put together a kit for you with everything you need to complete your project.

Well that’s a challenge for the new year!

Happy stitching!






  1. Very valuable information, what you have written is not on all blogs that I’ve come across.

  2. I ❤️ reading what you are up to Barbara… I am inspired by your work and one day I’ll do a tapestry rather than the cross stitch I currently do.

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