The last ever post for studio stitches

To all my dear customers this is my last post for studio stitches needlepoint kits. It was 20 years ago when I began designing and selling my kits online but the time has come to say goodbye.

In recent years a lot has happened in the online space and the time needed to stay relevant and keep the orders coming, increases every day. As this is my least favourite part of the job I’ve decided to call it a day.

While I will miss the thrill of new designs, interaction and feedback from customers, I will not miss FB or Instagram!

So, that’s it folks!

Future sales

I still have a small supply of kits, which I’m of course happy to sell you.

You can contact me at with your order. If I have the kit in stock I will  generate an invoice and send your kit.

Barbara and Yvonne at a craft fair


I can’t say goodbye without thanking the wonderful Yvonne Feltus, who has been a support and a wonderful friend from the beginning to the last. She has also stitched almost every studio stitches kit!

I hope you continue to enjoy the wonderful craft of needlepoint.

Thank you! It’s been fun.

Very best wishes, Barbara xx

A trip down memory lane…some of my favourites


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