The remarkable stitching of Phoebe Hart

Remarkable Rugs, The Inspirational Art of Phoebe Hart  I buy a lot of needlework books but it has been a long time since one inspired me like this one about the remarkable stitcher Phoebe Hart. Who was Phoebe Hart? Born in America in 1917 Phoebe was brought up in England. In 1929 she attended the newly established Stage Decoration and Design […]

Meditating on needlepoint

Enjoying life, one stitch at a time I have always enjoyed those final minutes of yoga class when you go into a meditation. I have recently been reading more about meditation and was struck by how easy it would be to shift the process of “just” stitching to a needlepoint meditation. Here is my guide for a […]

Stitching men: needlepoint inspiration

Many of us know men who enjoy stitching of some kind, but I think we should be encouraging more of them to join us. Bill (not his real name) a civil engineer in the USA, has stitched both colour ways of the Autumn cushion. He commented that  it was the perfect wind down after work with […]