Making vintage #needlepoints new again

I know many of you enjoy shopping in charity shops and markets and like me I’m sure you have seen beautifully stitched old needlepoints abandoned there. I always think about all the hours spent stitching and wondered how they have ended up in there? I  am often tempted to take these stitches treasures  home then ask myself what would […]

Meditating on needlepoint

Enjoying life, one stitch at a time I have always enjoyed those final minutes of yoga class when you go into a meditation. I have recently been reading more about meditation and was struck by how easy it would be to shift the process of “just” stitching to a needlepoint meditation. Here is my guide for a […]

My Tasmanian textile trail-Part 2 Hobart Town

The drive from Bruny Island to Hobart was uneventful except for a very good meat pie in Margate. I’d visited Hobart on two previous occasions but never with a quest to find interesting textiles, whether, new, vintage or handmade and Hobart did not disappoint! I posted various finds on the studio stitches Facebook page but promised […]

WW1 Soldiers’ Embroidery Industry

The Industry World War 1 and needlepoint don’t immediately go together, but on the eve of this significant Anzac Day I thought I’d share a story that does link them in unexpected ways. Last weekend I came across  a pair of ancient British tapestry (needlepoint) magazines.  I was amazed to read the needlepoint throughout the magazines […]

Notes for needlepoint novices: Length (of thread) does matter!

In this short video, I explain why the length of thread  matters when you are doing needlepoint. Notes for needlepoint novices are designed to give beginning stitchers the confidence to choose a needlepoint project and enjoy the process of taking life one stitch at a time. Happy stitching! Barbara

Needlepoint accessories: Pincushions-Part 4

I was so inspired by my research on pincushions that I decided to offer a free pattern so that you can make your own. And this is not any old pincushion, but rather one that sharpens every time you use it! Some interesting facts about pincushions: Pincushions or pin pillows date back to the Middle […]

Notes for needlepoint novices: Part 2

In the second of my ‘notes for novices,” I show you just how easy it is to do the Continental stitch, and confidently get started on your needlepoint project. Happy stitching! Barbara  

Pins and needles: Needlepoint accessories-Part 3

Much to my delight, I have spent a surprisingly interesting few days learning about the fascinating history of pins and needles. My research reminded me that pins and needles have performed a great many functions through history.  Did you know that archeologists have found: Neolithic needles in what is now south west France that are estimated to […]

Baskets, boxes and bags: the accessories of needlepoint-Part 1

Sewing baskets have been an important part of women’s lives for hundreds of years. It is easy to forget that before the industrial revolution all clothes, underwear, bedding, tea towels and washing cloths were all made by hand. Many of these day to day objects were decorated with beautiful stitches, and a flourish of highly […]