Stitching men: needlepoint inspiration

2013-12-01 13.50.09Many of us know men who enjoy stitching of some kind, but I think we should be encouraging more of them to join us. Bill (not his real name) a civil engineer in the USA, has stitched both colour ways of the Autumn cushion. He commented that  it was the perfect wind down after work with a glass of whisky. He also loved that his relaxation strategy resulted in perfect cushions for his mid-century apartment.

For me, the most influential man in the stitching crafts is #Kaffe Fasset (it ryhmes with safe asset). In June, at the London Textile and Fashion Museum in London, I visited his spectacular retrospective exhibition, A Life in Colour. Fassett is a master of colour and he has used his skill to wonderful effect in needlepoint, knitting and most recently quilting, using his own range of glorious fabric. He has also inspired millions of men and women to get stitching and in the process he has made millions.

You will find his books in any good bookshop and Google will provide you with endless images to get you inspired.

Fassett  designs are not for the faint hearted as they are very detailed and usually include many colours with subtle variation which needs concentration, but the finished designs are stunning.2013-12-01 13.52.09

Perhaps this Christmas a studio stitches needlepoint kit may be a welcome gift for a man in your life.

In the Studio

Counting down to Christmas.

Just a reminder: If you are buying kits that need to be shipped north of the equator, then December 14 is the last day  to purchase  for your kits to arrives in time for Christmas. For Aussie and Asian customers, December 19 is your last day.

Remember, if you want gift wrapping, and/or a card just let me know by emailing me at

Adelaide news

Not bragging but….. #Adelaide was voted #9 on Lonely Planet best 10 cities in the world list. It is a fabulous place to be.

Happy, stitching one and all!





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