Doris blue


Your kit includes the full colour printed canvas, wool, needles, all in a practical zip bag to store your project as you stitch.

Your finished bag is 33w x 24h x 75d cms.


This pattern was inspired by a vintage apron, belonging to my friend Doris.

WDoris2I have both colourways of this bag and am often stopped in the street and asked, where did you get your bag?

This is a wonderfully practical bag and can be personalised with your choice of lining, pockets, fastenings and handles.

This version of the Doris bag, with its strong colours is perfect for denim, black and greys.

The bag is stitched in 5 parts. The front and back panels, two sides and the bottom panel. You can either cut the sections and work them separately or as you see in the image left, work them all together.

Whichever you choose I am sure you will enjoy working this design which is full of variety and colour.

Happy stitching!



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