Gorgeous needlepoint cushions

 A cushion for everyone

The Studio Stitches range of contemporary needlepoint cushions are designed to suit every stitcher.

The range includes a mix of large, simple shapes ideal for beginners while there are also designs with more challenging details for the more confident stitcher. Browse the catalogue and you will see there is something for every stitcher.

Stitching a cushions is a great introduction to the craft of needlepoint because they are small enough to be:

  • fun to stitch because you can see the canvas quickly filling with the colours of the wool and the pattern of the design emerging
  • easy to handle and pack into your bag on the train or bus or suitcase for longer trips
  • quick to finish and that means you can soon say with pride, “I stitched it myself!”

Something new-hand painted canvases

I have recently started hand painting a range of designs which is an exciting new development for me and means I can produce lots of new designs for you more often.

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 A wonderful gift

Forget-me-not cushion

Needlepoint cushions make a great gift to celebrate a new year, a new life, home, baby, or any other special occasion. Whether you are giving a kit or a finished cushion, the wonderfully practical gift of a cushion will be a welcome gift for any occasion.


What do I get when I buy a Studio Stitches kit?

This handy zip bag contains everything you need to complete your cushion

Each Studio Stitches kit includes:

  • 10 count mono 100% cotton canvas printed or painted in full colour
  • Plenty of DMC wool to complete your cushion
  • Two needlepoint needles
  • Clear, easy to follow written instructions
  • A practical zip bag, ideal for keeping your needlepoint clean and tidy and storing everything you need for your project
  • Studio Stitches cloth label for that finishing touch.

I hope you find a special cushion in my collection that inspires you to  join me in the wonderful craft of needlepoint.

Happy stitching!