A needlepoint toilet seat? No thanks!!


“The Crewel Needlepoint World” by Barbara Donnelly Gullers. A very funny addition to my collection!

 Needlepoint comedy?

“Hillarious!” is not usually my reaction to a new needlepoint book however this one caused me to laugh out loud.

Under the heading If it doesn’t move, Needlepoint it! is the weirdest list of projects I have ever read. Each one more bizarre than the next! Here are my highlights from the very strange Suggestions of Things to Make:

  • A toilet seat
  • Stereo amplifier cover
  • Licence plate
  • Cover for boats
  • Shoe buckles
  • Rain hat case
  • Travel pill case
  • Dog or cat snow boots!!!

Seriously I haven’t made these up!

I think my favourite absurd needlepoint project is the boat cover.

  • How many years would it take you to stitch a cover for a boat?
  • What function would it possibly serve?
  • How would you get the cover on and off?

I have included the whole list for those of you still not quite sure I haven’t invented it and also so you can choose your favourite projects not to needlepoint!

The complete list for your amusement

The complete list for your amusement

In the meantime I hope you you are finding time to stitch something beautiful and practical, unlike our author!

Happy stitching!


P.S. If you have any other projects to add to my What not to Needlepoint do send me your ideas.




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