Needlepoint old and new

# SALA 2019

August in Adelaide means SALA!! The festival of South Australia Living Artists. And that means artists and crafts people are exhibiting their work in galleries, studios and all kinds of sometimes unlikely places in their local community.

Today I caught the tram to Glenelg to visit a cleverly named show called #Sight Specific which was beautifully displayed in an optometrists.

The exhibition featured the work of the five artists:

  • Jann Makepeace
  • Jenny Ramos
  • Julie Strawinski
  • Katharyn Hall
  • Maureen Pritchard

The work was cleverly displayed and would have held its own in any gallery.

Maureen Pritchards exquisitely painted small frames were delightfully clever and brought the frame into focus. The skill and crafting of all the five artists was exemplary and I look forward to seeing more from them all.

Reimagined needlepoint

The work I wanted to share with you particularly are the textiles of Jenny Ramos, who has combined recycled needlepoint with hand dyed fabric and embroidery to make these whimsical bags.

I am always interested to see old needlepoint can be reimagined and can’t help but think of the women who stitched them long ago. I’m sure they would be chuffed to see their work given new life and marvel at Jenny’s creativity.

One of the great consequences of SALA is that it inspires! We can all be creative in our own way. I urge everyone to pick up that pencil, brush or needle and just make stuff. Who knows what might happen?

Perhaps next year I’ll be posting about your work.

Now for something new in #needlepoint

August is Winter in Adelaide and Wattle is flowering in the bush and in our gardens. That makes it the perfect time to introduce my latest hand painted needlepoint design, the Wattle cushion.

The Wildflowers series

The Wattle ‎ cushion is the first in my hand painted series of Australian floral designs.  Each new design will compliment the others while having its own distinctive colour scheme.

I hope the Wattle inspires you to get creative and join me in the wonderful craft of #needlepoint.

Enjoy, whatever you’re doing!


Sight Specific: Holdfast Bay Optometrist, 105 Jetty Rd, Glenelg S.A.




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