Needlepoint – a social fabric

Needlepoint is the social of all crafts. You can talk, watch TV, listen to podcasts, radio, music, and importantly, other people while you stitch needlepoint. With one easy stitch and coloured canvas to take all all the guesswork out it allows you to either be social or enter “the zone” of calm meditation.

Interestingly, in the latest Selvedge an article entitled, The Social Fabric by #Dani Drew writes, ” Cloth is undoubtedly a ‘social tissue’ it exists as the threshold between an individuals and community and has expressed identity and group belonging around the world throughout history.”

Drew reminds us of the textile language often used to describe community, for example, social fabric, interwoven, and closely knit. She goes on to expand this idea of textiles in the community helping both the individual maker, and by bringing us together to:

  • problem solve
  • communicate
  • share skills, knowledge and traditions

All of which helps the broader community.

Those of us lucky enough to be in communities where we can still get together to stitch are all too aware of those who can’t due to COVID. But when you can get back into your community, why not invite some like minded people to join you in a stitching group and help stitch some social fabric? There aren’t too many communities who couldn’t do with a little more right now.

An interesting visit

Last week a customer contacted me to ask if she could bring her elderly mother to the studio. Her mother can no longer follow knitting patterns and the daughter wondered if she might be able to manage needlepoint. She eagerly chose a Wattle kit and I sewed the canvas onto the frame for her. After a few attempts she was on her way, quietly stitching while her daughter and I chatted. Her daughter emailed later that night, excited to share that as her Mum got in the car she said “I’m can’t wait to get stuck into this.”

We know that needlepoint is relaxing, so it makes sense that someone with cognitive issues, may find the gentle repetitive stitching helpful, by calming them and providing a sense of purpose which, no matter what age or ability is good for us all.

A new design – Discs

Some patterns become part of our lives. For me it’s spots. I just love them in all their variations.

I’ve finished a new design that satisfies my spot fetish and my love of mid-century design and colour. The design is for a large cushion called Discs.  There are 12 discs 4 x 3. The background is white with a small beige dash line providing texture and interest. Each disc is patterned with shapes and lines in  mid-century inspired colours. Remember that as this is a hand painted design, you can choose your favourite colours at no extra cost, just get in touch with me at to discuss your unique design.

I’m thrilled with this spotty design and excited to see the finished cushion sitting with the Autumn red and yellow Collins Street, two other mid-century inspired designs.

Flash Sale

This month, my dear subscribers you can buy the pink version of the Forget me nots.  Forget me nots A hand painted kit for the Flash Sale price of $120 instead of $140.

It’s one of my best selling designs and is seen here with the Collins St Collins Street and the HaNoi cushion which work together beautifully.HaNoi in Emerald

Remember, the Flash Sale offer only lasts till the end of the month, so get yours now. A birthday or Mother’s Day gift perhaps?

I hope February finds you well and ready to join me in the wonderful craft that is needlepoint.

Happy stitching!








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