Mother’s Day Downunder

With buckets of chrysanthemums of all colours and sizes outside every deli, supermarket and florist, Mother’s Day can’t be too far away. Well, for those of us in Australia and the United States anyway.

Mother and Child cushions with a gift wrapped kit ready for the post.

Mother and Child cushions with a gift wrapped kit ready to post in time for Mother’s Day.

Did you know?

I know Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days in different parts of the world but when researching the origins of Mother’s Day I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the tradition of giving gifts on the second Sunday in May originated here in Australia.

The woman behind this tradition was Mrs Janet Heyden from Sydney.

Mrs Heyden began visiting patients in the Newington State Home for Women. The home was filled with many lonely women who despite being mothers seemed to be abandoned by their children.

The beginnings of Mother’s Day

In  1924 Mrs Heyden began to take care packages to these lonely women. She involved local school children to deliver the gifts and persuaded the public and local business to donate the goods.

Every year Mrs Hayden rallied further support for her Mother’s Day project including the Lord Mayor of Sydney.  The idea of recognising the contribution of mothers must have captured the local imagination because it became so popular it was taken up by the wider community (undoubtedly helped along my commercial interests) to become the unmissable celebration it is today.

Today the event is popular throughout the world and has expanded to include and celebrate all women who are carers and nurturers.

Why the chrysanthemum?

The tradition of giving chrysanthemum has always puzzled me, so I asked my local florist (who knows about these things) and it turns out that chrysanthemums

  • are widely available at this time of year, so they are reasonably priced
  • they come in a dazzling range of colours, sizes and shapes
  • they make a lovely display in a vase and last for days/weeks
  • they also end in MUM which in Australia is a common, affectionate abbreviation for mother! (Really?)

Make your Mother’s Day

If you are looking for a special gift for Mother’s Day why not choose a needlepoint kit?

The Studio Stitches range of needlepoint kits includes something for everyone. I invite you take a look to find a unique gift for your mother, grandmother, aunt or friend.

When you order your Mother’s Day needlepoint kit I will include gift wrapping in the price of your Studio Stitches kit.  If your Mum lives in Adelaide I will also include a one hour lesson here in my studio at a time that suits her.  This will help get her stitching confidently and really enjoy her wonderful gift.

I hope you enjoy shopping for the special woman/women in your life and let’s all remember the kindness of Mrs Heyden who brought Mother’s Day gifts to strangers because their children and loved ones couldn’t. Now that’s something to celebrate.

Happy stitching!




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