Mother’s Day in May

I can hardly believe that it is May in just a few days. Wasn’t it just Christmas the other day?

The buckets of chrysanthemums outside every deli, supermarket and florist however, remind me Mother’s Day is only days away.

Mother’s Day in May

As I researched the origins of Mother’s Day I was cheered to learn that the tradition of giving gifts on the second Sunday in May began here in Australia in 1924 by Mrs Janet Heyden of Sydney.WMotherBright

It was during her good works, visiting patients at the Newington Home for Women that Mrs Heyden was struck by the number of lonely women at the home despite the fact that they had children.

The tradition of giving giftsmotherchild1

Mrs Heyden was so moved by these women she decided to bring them gifts of goodies donated by various businesses.

Local school children were volunteered to deliver the gifts to the women and one imagines this made the gifts even more special for the women.

The idea of  celebrating Mother’s Day grew and quickly caught the public imagination. It soon became so popular it spread around Australia and to America.

Make your mother’s day

Mother and Child cushions with a gift wrapped kit ready for the post.

Mother’s Day special

As a special Mother’s Day treat I have discounted the Mother and Child cushion kit to $75. If your mother lives in Adelaide she can also have a free lesson with me here in my studio. We’ll have a cup of tea/coffee and she’ll leave stitching confidently.

Do check out my range of studio stitches kits. There is something for every mother!

Happy stitching!






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