Meditating on needlepoint

Enjoying life, one stitch at a time

I have always enjoyed those final minutes of yoga class when you go into a meditation.WMeditation

I have recently been reading more about meditation and was struck by how easy it would be to shift the process of “just” stitching to a needlepoint meditation.

Here is my guide for a 5 minute needlepoint meditation:

  1. Select a comfy chair or sit cross legged on a cushion
  2. As you start to stitch, be mindful of your breathing. Don’t try to regulate it, just be aware. Do this for a minute or so.
  3.  When you are ready, introduce a mantra. Start with the word RELAX. As you insert your needle next time, chant the R-E, as you pull the thread through the canvas, exhale with L-A-X.
  4. Repeat this mantra for 4 minutes
  5. Take a few deep cleaning breaths, then allow your breath to return to normal.

Enjoy the bliss and happy stitching!




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