Making vintage #needlepoints new again

I know many of you enjoy shopping in charity shops and markets and like me I’m sure you have seen beautifully stitched old needlepoints abandoned there. I always think about all the hours spent stitching and wondered how they have ended up in there?


Some of my rescued needlepoints

I  am often tempted to take these stitches treasures  home then ask myself what would I DO with them?

In the revival of all things vintage I have noticed some very creative solutions to just this question.

Here are some suggestions:

  • display them
  • make a patchwork cushion using a combination of needlepoint, velvet, wool ….
  • make a tea-cosy or a handbag
  • cover a lampshade, chair or a footstool/pouf
  • make a wattle bottle cover


    Footstool covered in vintage needlepoint


Needlepoint chair using a mixture of recycled needlepoint designs

How to make a water bottle cover using a vintage needlepoint

Step 1 Gently wash your canvas in wool wash, and dry it flat.

Step 2 Decide on whether you want either button, ties or a zip. Make a pattern of your wattle bottle and allow enough fabric for your chosen method of closure

Step 3 Use the pattern and cut the canvas and two pieces of lining/backing.CanvasBlog4

Step 4 Zig zag the edges of your canvas and lining to prevent fraying. I used wool felt which does not frayCanvasBlog3

Step 5 Sew the lining to the canvas, then add the backing.

Step 6 Turn inside out and enjoy!!

With Christmas not that far away, it is a good time to begin searching and start stitching!CanvasBlog2

I hope I have been able to persuade you to not leave those needlepoint treasures to sit unwanted but instead think creatively about ways to mix and match to make something truly unique for you or someone special.









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