Homespun tales for needlepoint

The February issue

If like me you delight in the pages of crafty magazines you may have already grabbed the latest copy of #Homespun magazine.

I have been eagerly waiting for the February issue because this month it features a Studio Stitches project that I enjoyed designing and hope you will enjoy making.

The project is needlepoint sleep mask.

Why I chose Homespun for Studio Stitches

What I love about this magazine is its contemporary take on traditional crafts and unlike so many other craft magazines I find myself actually wanting to make the projects. The excellent instructions give the reader the confidence to to try something new or a little bit challenging.

Each issue of Homespun includes a wide range of articles, ideas and projects about a range of crafts and I think they are successfully appealing to a wide audience, not only in age but also in interest and expertise. All of this made it a perfect fit for Studio Stitches needlepoint.


Deep delicious sleep

The idea for this project came about because my dear daughter bought me sleep mask for Mother’s Day a few years ago and I just love it! Afternoon naps and plane flights are so much more enjoyable with a sleep mask because we all know that darkness makes for better relaxation and a deeper sleep.

It occurred to me that a needlepoint version of the sleep mask would work beautifully and make a lovely gift for family and friends heading off on adventures.

Needlepoint Camellias

I’d decided the design for the sleep mask needed to be calming and at the time I was thinking about possible designs, the Camellias  were flowering in the garden. I was drawing and painting the Camellias  and these soon became the stylised flowers in the mask. The night sky blue background and blue leaves seemed like a perfect match.

For the backing of the mask, pipping and strap I used a Liberty lawn.  I quilted the backing for added softness and padding.

The Homespun article gives you detailed step by step instructions and a large, beautiful coloured graph to work from.

One of the joys of this project has been the lovely collaborations.

Cascade House embroidery wools and yarns

The lovely people at Cascade House invited me to trial their tapestry wools. When I learnt the wools were Australian I was very interested. Then I felt the wools and saw the variety and colours available and I very excited about using them for this project.

The tapestry wool was a delight to work with and I am so pleased with the results I will continue to use them in my needlepoint kits.

If you do any embroidery I urge you to look for their catalogue or ask at your local needlework shop.


The collaboration with the people at Homespun has also been a treat. I have worked with other magazines but the Homespun interaction have been fabulously supportive and encouraging from start to finish.

When you send off your commissioned piece you are not sure how it will look in the magazine or what the editor will do with your words, however the finished Homespun article is beautifully photographed, the instructions are excellent and the art directions is  modern and stylish. I am delighted with each page. Thank you Homespun!!

Well, that’s my Homespun tale, for now but watch out for more Studio Stitches in future issues.

I hope you are inspired to get your copy of Homespun and get stitching.  Remember the Studio Stitches philosophy as you stitch and try to “take life one stitch at a time.”

Enjoy! Barbara










  1. Melissa Butterworth says:

    Hi Barbara,
    you probably will not remember me, but we shared a table at BATB 2016. Nicola Jarvis’s class was wonderful, it was lovely stitching with such an interesting group.
    I am just contacting you to say I have enjoyed seeing your designs that have appeared in Homespun. When I saw the sleep mask design, I wondered if it was by the same ‘Barbara’, I got your card out and yes it was. I hope that this has bought many more visitors to your website.
    If you are like me, you have probably been perusing the BATB 2018 brochure and struggling to make a choice. We may meet again there, regards Melissa.

    • Lovely to hear from you Melissa. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Happy stitching! Barbara
      PS Did you finish your beautiful bird?

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