Hand painted canvases

Hand painting my canvases allows me to produce a limited number of the same design at a time, which lets me bring you more designs and colours options. 

Another benefit of hand painted canvases is that you can commission your own colour scheme at no extra cost. Get in touch with me barbara@studiostitches.com.au and I’ll get in touch to discuss the options.

The hand painted range so far…..

Wattle – https://studiostitches.com.au/product/wattle/



Collins Street in a variety of colours including pink –https://studiostitches.com.au/product/mid-century-inspired-needlepoint-kits/

HaNoi – in the following colours:

  1. Turquoise –https://studiostitches.com.au/product/hanoi-flower/
  2. Gold- https://studiostitches.com.au/product/hanoi-flower-gold/ and
  3. Emerald- https://studiostitches.com.au/product/hanoi-in-emerald-a-hand-painted-needlepoint/
    The HaNoi Flower cushion is the latest studio stitches design. Available in turquoise blue and gold.

Forget me nots, in the following colour options;

  1. Blue with green stems – https://studiostitches.com.au/product/forget-nots-green-stems/
  2. Blue with black stems – https://studiostitches.com.au/product/hand-painted-needlepoint-cushion-kit/
  3. Pink –https://studiostitches.com.au/product/hand-painted-needlepoint-cushion-kit/
  4. Jeannie – https://studiostitches.com.au/product/jeannie/ 





Camellia sleep mask – https://studiostitches.com.au/wp-admin/post.php?