Making a house a home with needlepoint


Needlepoint dinning room seats

Needlepoint cushion

Needlepoint cushion

Needlework in every room

On a recent visit to Carrick Hill in Adelaide, I was struck by the homeliness of this historic house.

As I walked through the rooms I was immediately struck by the needlework in each room.

Needlepoint cushions are featured on dinning room chairs and on lounges and chairs. Screens are exquisitely embroidered in bedrooms along with quilts and carpets. Each room made personal by needle and thread.

Charleston Farmhouse UK

I was reminded of another visit to a historic home in the UK last summer.


Day bed with needlepoint cover

Charleston Farmhouse was the country home of Vanessa Bell and the Bloomsbury set. This too was a house made personal by the needlepoint cushions, carpets and upholstered furniture that for the visitor helped bring to life the women who stitched them, and the people who used these objects to add pleasure to their daily lives.


Needlepoint cushion

Do it yourself…

If you are looking for ways to make your house a home then needlepoint is a wonderful way to start. There are just so many designs and styles to choose from and so many functional objects to make.

Whichever kit you choose, (hopefully a Studio Stitches one) I encourage you to pick up your threads and needle and help make your house the home you love.


Needlepoint seat cover

Happy stitching!



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