About Needlepoint

Studio Stitches  kits are designed for all kinds of stitchers from the novice to the expert and everyone in between.

One of the joys of needlepoint is that all you need to get going is one easy stitch, the Continental or half cross stitch.

 Needlepoint novices

Levels of expertise are developed over time but getting started on your first needlepoint project is easy.

To help you get started with your first needlepoint project, I have developed a 5 minute video tutorial on YouTube which includes information about:

  • Preparing your canvas
  • What to do before you start stitching
  • Your first stitches
  • How to start stitching
  • Finishing a thread

Leaf in progress

This tutorial will quickly take you through the important steps and get you stitching confidently in no time at all.

Free lessons!

For those of you in Adelaide, I offer a one hour free lesson with every kit, here in my Goodwood studio.

One session will get you stitching confidently  and if you get stuck I am always available for follow up questions and practical support.

Contact me at Barbara@studiostitches.com.au to arrange your free session. You’re most welcome to bring along a friend.

Now all you need to do is select a kit from the shop and get started.

Happy Stitching!