Creatively crafting

Sonia2The idea of creativity has been much in the news of late not least because Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat, Pray Love and my favourite book of 2014 The Signature of all Things has just released a book about it called Big Magic. Gilbert suggests that ideas are “out there” we just need to be aware and open in order to capture them.


Sketch for embroidered blouse

In August this year, I was luck enough to see the magic retrospective exhibition of the artist Sonia Delaunay in London’s Tate Modern.  I was astounded once again by her genius and creativity, evident not only in her early abstract painting but for me more interestingly in her fabrics, embroideries, costumes (including for Diaghilev’s Ballet 1920), wallpapers, interiors, sets for the stage and clothing. Her designs look totally modern 100 years later. Delaunay’s creativity permeated every aspect of her life. One of the earliest and most famous abstracts is a patchwork quilt made for her new son in 1914.

Sonia3While Delaunay is in the genius category, I think those of us who are makers can tap into the magic of creativity.

Our challenge is to be open to new ideas, play with colours, experiment with techniques and let those creative particles come find us! I think Sonia would agree.

Happy creative stitching!


PS An excellent reference for those of you interested in more about Delaunay is Sonia Delaunay Fashion and Fabrics, by Jaques Damese.




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