Hand painted canvases

Hand painting canvases allows me to produce just a few of the same design at a time, which lets me bring you more designs and colours options. Unlike digital printing, which requires a large print run to make it economical.

Another benefit of hand painted canvases is that you can commission your own colour scheme at no extra cost. Get in touch with me barbara@studiostitches.com.au and I’ll get in touch to discuss the optons.

The hand painted range so far…..

1. Collins Street

The design has just four colours, blue, white and in this example, plus the feature colour, in this example, pink, with tonal highlights.
So far I have also painted Collins Street in:
  • Avocado green
  • Teal blue
  • Lemon
  • Ochre
Remember you can commission your favourite colour at no extra cost.


2. Camellia sleep mask

The sleep mask was a commission I did for Homespun magazine.

It is a beautiful small project, quick to stitch and perfect to take on your travels either as a kit to stitch or pack the finished mask for those times you need a nap or catch up on your sleep.

The Camellia includes the hand painted canvas, beautiful Cascade House luxury wools, needles and detailed instructions to stitch and sew your mask. All you need to add is your choice of backing fabric, elastic and interface.

3. HaNoiThe HaNoi Flower cushion is the latest studio stitches design. Available in turquoise blue and gold.


The HaNoi Flower cushions are  inspired by the colourful tin ware of VietNam.

HaNoi is available in gold, turquoise, and emerald green.



4. Forget me nots


One design now four very different cushions.

Inspired by the Forget-me-nots of last summer this beautiful design features large bold shapes and colours on a single coloured background.

This design is available in four colour variations:


  1. Blue with green stems
  2. Blues with black stems
  3. Jeannie, with bright pinks, mauves, yellows  and oranges on a black background.
  4. Pinks.

My hand painted canvases are sold as kits with everything you need, including:

  • the hand painted canvas in 10 count mono canvas
  • DMC 100% tapestry wool
  • 2 tapestry needles
  • Step by step instructions
  • A studio stitches cloth label
  • A wonderfully practical calico bag to store your project as you stitch.