Cleaning up!

Here in Adelaide it is definitely Spring! The sun is shinning and the smell of blossoms is in the air.

And after a wonderful three months travelling it is also time to get back into the studio, tidy up, clean out and get ready for the new designs I’ve been working on while I’ve been away.

There’s just one snag, I am fast running out of space in the studio and there’s just no more room till something goes!

Spring sale

To help make room I’ve decided to have the very first ever studio stitches sale!

Every Friday in October I will feature a new needlepoint kit at a very special sale price, making it a perfect time for you to get a studio stitches bargain for yourself or that special someone.  It also excellent timing for some early Christmas shopping.

The first design to go on sale is an old favourite, the beautiful Bottles cushion which comes in two stunning colour ways.

Watch out for my updates on Friday mornings. Remember, a new design every week in October.

Madly stitching

I hope wherever you are, you are getting some stitching done. I am currently very excited about my latest stitching project which is knitting a traditional Fair Isle cardigan. This was inspired by a visit to Shetland and Orkney during the northern summer.

I am using a traditional pattern knitted on circular needles and featuring a steek.  The steek is formed by 10 central stitches in the centre of the garment and knitted plain. Once the garment is finished the steek is cut up the centre and a band is then knitted to both edges for buttons and holes.

Cutting up the centre of my knitting doesn’t seem natural! But the good ladies at the Shetland Knitting Guild gave me lots of handy hints and a demonstration, with words of encouragement which I recite whenever I get nervous.

New designs for 2018

New designs are always exciting and I have lots of ideas for a range of hand painted designs which I plan to  launch in the new year.

Especially exciting is a range inspired by a superb collections of silk samples I was given from the 1960’s. Yummy colours and patterns which I know will work together beautifully.

As always lots to going on with!

Happy stitching,







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