Unfinished needlepoint and their stories

A gift I was recently given a huge box of unfinished #needlepoint. They were all from the same man, a retired tailor, who took up needlepoint when he stopped work.  The box contained at least fifty canvases in various stages of completion, with some untouched. There were also hundreds of boxes of tapestry wool, most […]

The joy of floral needlepoint

With Spring in the Australia air it’s time to shake off the winter blues and take some time to smell the flowers. Foral designs are always popular and it’s always enjoyable to stitch with the varied strong colours and shapes. Studio Stitches needlepoint now has a range of beautiful  blooms to inspire you to bring […]

My August update

Hello stitchers! Thank you to those of you who have been in touch this last month. I love hearing from you. So many of you picking up your needlepoint, some after many years, to help you get through this terrible pandemic. I believe that needlepoint has the potential to feel like a calming meditation and […]

Staying in the loop in July

Hello dear subscribers! I hope this finds you safe and healthy and madly stitching! Inspiration from the past We have been very lucky here in Australia. Watching world events has been sad, and worrying but it has also been a productive time for me and for many of you too, if the emails and photos […]

What do WW1 soldiers and the Royal School of Needlework have in common?

Six years ago as I was searching for needlepoint related books, I came across a couple of very old English magazine called Weldon’s Tapestry. In one there was mention of the World War 1 Soldiers Embroidery Industry, which taught disabled soldiers to do needlepoint and other embroidery as part of their rehabilitation. I was fascinated […]

The Studio Stitches Flash Sale for February

Your reward Many of you who visit the Studio Stitches website will know that I heavily discount one kit every month in the Flash Sale. This allows you to stock up on favourite Studio Stitches #needlepoint kits at a fabulous price but at the end of the month the kit goes back to its regular […]

Buy less, buy better

My family and I have spent the last two Christmases in the magical town of HoiAn in central VietNam. We agreed not to buy presents and Christmas lunch was a roast pork baguette with a cold beer in our favourite cafe. It was heaven! We have tried to replicate the layback, no fuss feelings of […]

The healing thread

This beautiful book is set in an English cathedral town in the years just after the First World War. It centres around Violet and a group of women who have volunteered to stitch hundreds of kneelers and cushions for the cathedral. One thread in the book is the idea that stitching can help heal in […]

It’s all about Mothers in May

Did you know the tradition of giving gifts on the second Sunday in May began here in Australia in 1924? Mrs Janet Heyden began visiting patients at the Newington Home for Women in Sydney and was struck by the number of lonely women at the home. Mrs Heyden was so moved by these women she […]

February flash sale

As a special reward to my loyal customers, I am offering a super duper special discount on a feature design every month. After the month is up, the kit will go back to the normal retail price, so be quick! The first flash sale features the Doris Handbag kit. The normal price for Doris is […]