About Studio Stitches


Welcome to Studio Stitches where every needlepoint kit is designed and made by me, Barbara here in my Goodwood studio.

How it all began?

I became interested in needlepoint in the early 1980 when I discovered the Ehrman shop in London. I could only afford to buy canvases from the “Sale” basket but I  loved the tactile beautifully coloured wools and the meditative process of stitching needlepoint. I was hooked. And while I continues to knit and sew needlepoint became and continues to be my favourite craft.

One of my first designs and still a bestseller, the Autumn cushion

After a while however, I just couldn’t find designs that reflected my style, my interests or my home. 

With a degree in Fine Arts I soon began to start sketching designs for my own needlepoint. The big leap came in 2001 when I decided to start Studio Stitches, and sell my designs online. 

The early days

An early design, the very popular Cuppa cushion

In the early days of Studio Stitches the canvases were screen printed and online shopping required customers to send a cheque or postal order. It was all very cumbersome but still very exciting to be selling kits to customers all over the world.

I took a break for a number of years while I took on a dream job, but in 2012 I revived the business in the new world of web technology, PayPal and Blogs and have been happily working in my studio on new designs ever since.

Hand painted designs

Hand painting the Jeannie canvas.

Hand painting the Jeannie canvas

In 2015 I begun to hand paint my designs. This allows me to make more designs more often. Hand painting means I can paint a small number of one design at a time, and change the colour schemes as often as I like. Previously I had to outsource my designs to professional printers which meant committing to large print runs. This was time consuming and costly. Now I have complete control of the process from sketch to finished kit.

I can bring you new designs more regularly and take commissions for colour variations at no extra cost.

The Studio Stitches philosophy – Taking life one stitch at a time

As I am designing I think about the stitching experience. I want customers to relax, and take the time to enjoy the meditative experience that make needlepoint such a wonderful craft.

My designs are a mix of big bold shapes but always with enough detail and variation in shape, line and colour to keep your interest and enthusiasm from the beginning to the end of the needlepoint project.

A free workshop with every kit

For those of you in Adelaide, I offer a one hour free lesson with every kit, here in my studio. One session will get you stitching confidently.  Follow up support is always available.

I hope you enjoy shopping at Studio Stitches and find something for you or for someone special.

Happy stitching!


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